Commercial Property Maintenance For Townsville

Need help in making your commercial property in Townsville outstanding and ready for your buyers? Let our property maintenance team handle it for you. Our staff are well-trained to ensure a spotless and dirf-free property in Townsville.

Various old and new businesses are in search of a place to settle in their business franchises in Townsville. This includes the following:

  • Car Parking
  • Wholesale Sites
  • Large Retail Outlets
  • Shopping Centres
  • Industrial Spaces

With increased competition amongst owners of commercial properties that lease and sell their places in Townsville. It is important to put your property on top. Make it the best choice for potential tenants or buyers by keeping it well-maintained and always ready for viewing.


Don’t have time to do all the cleaning and maintenance work?

Allow an expert commercial property maintenance team in Townsville to do this for you. Let our team of property maintenance experts do the tough work for you. This includes:

Learn more about these commercial property maintenance services that we offer.



Keeping a commercial place always clean and presentable can be difficult, especially if you have other important things to take care of. But, for a property to be noticed and chosen by a potential lessee or buyer, it must be well-maintained and health-friendly. Listed below are the different industries that we handle and the services we offer to it.


Shopping Centres & Large Retail Outlets

Shopping centres & large retail outlets are filled with everyday foot traffic. This makes the place also filled with dirt and dust which can cause health hazards, especially during this pandemic time. Due to the COVID19 issue present around the globe, the Australian government is advising everyone to conduct a regular and thorough cleaning of every place.

Allow our excellent cleaning staff, painters, and cabinet makers cater to your commercial property in Townsville. Read more about the services that we offer:


Car Parkings in Townsville

Cleaning car parks is also essential to ensure that your commercial property is free from viruses such as the Covid19. Here are the cleaning applications apply to car parking:

  • Floor preparation, repairs, and line markings
  • Pressure washing
  • Bollards and safety barriers

Book your car park cleaning schedule with us and keep your parking dirt and disease-free.


Repairs and Cleaning for Shopping Centres & Large Retail Outlets in Townsville

  • Cleaning and repair of cabinetry
  • Cleaning, repair, and replacement of security cages
  • Cleaning, repair, and replacement of shelves


Cleaning, Painting, and Repair for Shopping Centres & Large Retail Outlets in Townsville

  • Strip painting, cleaning, installation and repair of flooring
  • Painting, cleaning, and repair of suspended ceilings
  • Painting, cleaning, and repair of walls



Here are the other property maintenance services we provide that residential property owners can enjoy.


Fence Revamp For Residential Property in Townsville

Fences serve as protection against illegal trespassers, it also sets boundaries from other properties.

See to it that it is free from rust and doesn’t have broken parts to ensure that it’s working in good condition. Make sure that the hinges are all intact and you can swing the gates easily. To ensure that your residential property’s fence is properly serving its purpose, let a skilled fence revamper help you keep your fence sturdy and safe like new.

Our residential maintenance experts are skilled and well-experienced when it comes to revamping residential fences. With their expertise, rest assured that your fence will be able to strongly secure your property and your potential lessee. Send us your concern through our email, otherwise, call us at 0408 658 011.


Handyman Services For Residential Property in Townsville

With passing time and constant use of residential properties, the decks, pipes, and doors will experience wear and tear. Therefore, the need for regular maintenance, repair, and touch-ups is a must.

To ensure that your property is kept in a livable condition, see to it that you check and fix the broken parts and areas in it. Allow an expert handyman to help you make sure that there are no cracked doors or leaking pipes in your property. As a result, you can avoid further damage and more expensive repair fees. Let our handyman team repair, fit, and adjust your property’s broken parts.

Do you have plans to renovate the rooms in your property in Townsville? We can help you. We also provide a room makeover and interior redecoration. To know more about this service, visit our handyman services page.


Landscape Services For Residential Property in Townsville

The landscape design and look of your residential property in Townsville is the first thing to be seen by your potential lessee or buyer. Therefore, you must see to it that it is properly maintained to secure a good first impression.

To ensure that your property’s landscape will give off a good first impression, make sure that it is clean and clutter-free. See to it that the grasses are trimmed and the plants are pruned to look fresh and inviting.

Allow our skilled landscape maintenance team to keep your property’s front yard welcoming to your potential clients. Call us now at 0408 658 011 and make your property landscape clean and fresh.



A well-maintained and inviting look of a residential property makes it attractive for the right lessee and buyer. Working with a professional property maintenance team can ensure that your property is the first choice of potential clients, hence, it will bring in more investment for you.

Let us help you in handling the various maintenance works that your commercial property needs. We can cover general cleaning of your place prior to your clients viewing. We’re happy to help you. Contact us, today.

Let our professional cleaners, painters, and repairmen keep your property in good condition. You may send us an email or call us at 0408 658 011.