Frequently Asked Questions

How much do you charge?

We charge multiple ways.
– Hourly Rate (Minimum 2 hours)
– Daily Rate
– After Hours Hourly Rate (Minimum 2 hours)
– Contract/Job Pricing

What hours are you open?

BKM Australia are open 24/7.
Standard business hours are:
Monday to Saturday 7am – 6pm.

After Hours are:
Monday to Saturday 7pm – 6am.
Sundays 7am – 6am.

Do you do carpentry work?

Yes, we can assist with most carpentry work.

Can you do major building or construction?

Yes. We do minor and major building works and repairs.

Can you remove walls?

Provided that the wall is minor and is non-structural, we may be able to assist.

Can you replace timber around my home?

Yes we can generally do minor timber repairs and replacement such as weatherboards, skirting boards, and architraves to name a few. Just send us an email or give us a call to discuss.

Can you fix my fence or gate?

Yes. We can make repairs to get your gate working again or replace some palings or pickets on your fence.

Specialist repairs such as metalwork on gates can also be done.

My door handle is loose or wobbly. Can you fix it?

Yes. We can get it working again and if we need some parts we can also source these for you.

I have a hole in my wall, can you patch it?

Of course. We can patch holes in plaster walls and repair dints and damage to walls and ceilings.

Do you do interior and exterior painting?

Yes. We can do both interior and exterior painting work. Both Brush work and Spraying.

Can you paint my bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, my whole house or my apartment?

We can paint all of these for you.

Do you do Electrical work?

No. Electrical work requires a licensed Electrician.
We can recommend an Electrician if you require.

Do you replace tap washers, or can you fix my sink mixer?

Yes. We can replace tap washers and install new taps & mixer sets.

Can you replace the silicone/caulking in my kitchen or bathroom?

Yes. We can remove the old material and apply new silicon/caulking/sealant to these areas.

Can you install bathroom fittings?

Yes. We can supply and install towel rails, toilet roll holders, mirrored cabinets and much more. Send us an email or give us a call to discuss your needs.

Are you insured?

BKM Australia has Public Liability Insurance to the value of $20M.

Do you do rubbish removal?

Yes. Rubbish removal can be done and is priced on a Cubic Metre basis.

Do you sand and polish floorboards?

We can do this. We have completed many projects with polished or lacquered flooring.

How will I be billed?

You can pay by Direct Deposit.
An invoice will be sent to you for payment on completion of works.

Can you do regular and routine maintenance?

We can maintain your:
Unit, house, apartment, duplex/apartment building, office, restaurant, bar, factory, vacant land, commercial & retail property.

We will tailor a program that keeps everything working and looking as it should.

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