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We Operate across Queensland from Cairns to the Gold Coast, Brisbane to Charlton.

Do you want your lawn to look healthy and beautiful all year round?

Do you have on your garden even during weekends?

Do you lack the skills and expertise to ensure your garden will stay nice and healthy for your family and friends to enjoy?

BKM Landscape Maintenance Toowoomba can help you with all of these concerns. We have an expert landscape team that can help maintain the health and beauty of your

  • Garden
  • Lawn
  • Backyard
  • Front Yard

Call us on 0408 658 011 to schedule your Toowoomba landscape maintenance, today.

Why choose BKM for Your Landscape Maintenance Toowoomba Needs?

There are many landscape maintenance providers in Toowoomba areas, but we are preferred by our clients because of the following advantages we deliver to their lawn, garden, front yard and backyard:

Broad Range of Landscape Maintenance Toowoomba Services

Rather than look for variety of places that can fulfill your landscaping needs, we ensure you have everything you need through the wide-range of landscape services we deliver in Toowoomba. This includes, but is not limited, to the following services:

  • Block Clearing
  • Brush Cutting & Whipper Snipping
  • Edging
  • Garden Maintenance
  • Garden Beds
  • General Gardening
  • Hedges Maintained
  • Lawn Mowing
  • Line Trimming
  • Pre-Lease Landscaping
  • Pre-Sale Yard Maintenance
  • Small Acreage Slashing
  • Small Retaining Walls
  • Trees Trimmed
  • Tree & Plants Planted
  • Water Features
  • Water Wise Irrigation Systems
  • Weed Removal
Should you need help with any of these landscaping and garden maintenance services in Toowoomba, simply give us a call at 0408 658 011 or complete our online form to schedule an appointment with us.

We are happy to give you a free estimate on the services we deliver.

Delivering Toowoomba Landscape Maintenance Services With Great Attention To Detail

Landscape maintenance is not a simple task. It requires a great eye for details especially with the following tasks:

  • Tidying pathways
  • Mowing lawns
  • Trimming plants, trees and shrubs
  • Edging, brush cutting and whipper snipping

Here at BKM Property Maintenance, we ensure that all of these tasks are meticulously performed to guarantee you’ll have the best-looking lawn, front yard, back yard or garden that will be the envy of your friends and neighbours.

Team of landscape experts with horticulture expertise

“Claiming is one thing but proving is another thing.”

It is easy to claim that you are skilled in delivering landscape maintenance services, but do you have the knowledge and qualifications to execute the following plant care techniques:

  • Tree pruning
  • Plant nutrition
  • Garden clean-up

BKM Landscape Maintenance Toowoomba services are skilled and knowledgeable to perform these techniques.

We can select the right species of plants for your garden based on your desired aesthetic qualities and their reliability.

Send us a message if you need any of these services.

Flexible Landscape Maintenance Toowoomba Schedule of Services

We understand that most of your garden, backyard, front yard and lawn may require regular attention and care. However, there are some landscape maintenance services that may only be needed on certain occasions depending on the season.

Let’s sit together and discuss the best solution to your landscaping concerns. We can customise a landscaping maintenance schedule that can fix your problem within your budget.

Call us at 0408 658 011 and tells us what you need.

We are ready to listen to any of your landscaping maintenance Toowoomba enquiries.