Residential Property
Maintenance For Toowoomba

Do you want to ensure that your business tenants stay longer in your commercial space? Let our commercial property maintenance services in Toowoomba help you. Our expert staff can ensure that your place is neat and safe, thus, makes them stay longer.

Toowoomba is a busy place packed with the following industries:

  • Rental, hiring, and real estate
  • Electrical and electronic service
  • Hotel and accommodation
  • Education and training
  • Health care and social assistance

Given these, numerous professionals and families are looking for residential properties to lease so they can move-in in Toowoomba. This includes:

  • Townhouse
  • Apartment
  • Bungalow house
  • Studio units
  • Villa

For your residential property to become chosen for leasing, see to it that it’s well-maintained and enticing. A property that is spotless and clutter-free will give a good impression to your potential lessee, thus will make them want to lease your place.

Allow our property maintenance services sanitise your property and make it presentable for viewing. Get in touch with us.


An aesthetically good looking place can easily encourage and convince a potential lessee to stay and move-in. See to it that your property is spotless, free of dirt, and refreshing to ensure that it will be chosen and leased. Learn more about our various maintenance services that can help you do this.

Fence refurbishing

Fences are added security and safety for properties, however, it can wear off its original colour and sturdiness in the long run, thus can cause dismay to your potential lessee.

A residential property maintenance service can help in bringing back the good condition of your fence, thus, keep it properly working longer. A properly maintained fence can show that your place is safe and protected, therefore, it’ll make your property more inviting for your potential lessee.

We have skilled staff that can make your old and broken fence look like new. They ensure that your fence is strong and nice to look at. Check out the fencing gallery to see our works.

Renovation, repair and makeover

A residential property with modernised design can quickly make your potential lessee sign the rental contract in the first sight, thus bringing in continuous investment for you.

Renovating the design of your residential property can level-up its value and chance of being leased right at the first viewing. Keeping its interior and exterior design modernised will make it more appealing, especially for the younger generation. Let an accredited handyman work this out for you.

We have accredited and fully insured handyman that can deal with almost any sort of residential makeovers, repair, and renovation. Learn more of this service here.

Specialised cleaning

To maintain the cleanliness of a residential property, it will need scheduled maintenance and repair to keep it in its top shape. Often, this is overlooked by property owners due to busy schedules.

Hiring professional cleaning staff can help in covering the maintenance and repair of your property. They can do the general cleaning and fixing of the damages in your place, thus making sure that it is ready in time for viewing of your potential lessee.

Our professional cleaners can do specialised cleaning services for your property in Toowoomba. Let us help in making your place smell fresh and clutter-free even if you’re on vacation. Call us now.

Investing in residential property maintenance services

Ensuring that your residential property is in good condition can secure a good flow of income for you. Therefore, investing in residential property maintenance services will most likely help you with this.

Residential property maintenance services can help you with keeping your property in tip-top shape, thus, give you more time to prioritise your other important or personal stuff. You can continuously attend important gatherings without overthinking about the condition of your property.

Let BKM maintenance services keep the polished condition of your property at a hassle-free and affordable price.

Our professional staff are ready to serve your property. To book a schedule, email us or call us at 0408 658 011.