What to think about before
buying a new fence

Commercial, Industrial, Rural & Residential Property Maintenance

It’s hard to overstate the value of a good fence. Whether you want to install a wooden wall to get some privacy from prying eyes or keep the pets and kids inside your yard, there are several things you need to consider before you purchase a fence.

Choosing a fence isn’t a simple task. There are lots of options to choose from, which can be quite overwhelming if you are not quite sure what you are looking for.

BKM Property Maintenance are able to discuss your options with you beforehand. Assisting with the selection of the perfect fence for your property and your requirements.

1. Budget: Cost is always a factor when it comes to Fencing, Landscaping and Home-Improvement projects. Consider the amount of money required to install and maintain different types of fences before making a decision.

The initial cost, which accounts for labour and materials, varies significantly depending on the size and type of fence. Don’t forget to look at maintenance requirements as well. Some fences require consistent care, like painting, varnishing or frequent repairs, which adds to the total cost of the project.

2. Utility: Chances are there’s a specific reason that you want a new fence, be it a cosmetic addition to your yard or a practical way to keep your neighbour’s dogs off your property.

Think about the specific issues you wish to address with your new fence before you start shopping. If it is privacy you after, then the most popular options will be a Timber paling or Colorbond fence as they range in heights form 1600mm (1.6 meters) to 2000mm (2.0 meters)

3. Environmental Factors: The long-term success of your fencing project may depend in part on local environmental factors, including soil type, lay of the land, water flow, drainage, clay content and climate. To give an example, wooden fences can be a liability in regions that experience frequent bush fires.

4. Legal Restrictions: BKM Property Maintenance can research regulations enforced by local authorities before you purchase a new fence from us. Some Councils and Shires have strict rules about the style and height of the fences that are allowed on your property.

These requirements are created to maintain uniformity within the neighbourhood to maintain a certain aesthetic standard.

Your council can also restrict the type of fence you can put up, and some require you to apply for a permit before you can install one.

Decorative fences can add charm and value to any property. The type of fence you choose is a matter of personal preference, other factors, such as cost and the style of the house all came into the equation when replacing or constructing a new fence. The most common type of fences are the standard Timber Paling fences, although some people prefer steel sheet fences known as Colorbond fences which are becoming a more popular option.

Posts that are Treated Pine or Hardwood are the most common posts that Fencers use and they tend to last well if they are properly installed.


All fences constructed by BKM Property Maintenance have each and every post set in concrete.

A great number of fencing contractors will try and cut corners at setting the posts at the right depth with right amount of cement as this is the hardest part of any fence construction and involves hard labour. So be careful and make sure it’s done correctly.


Any fence being built, being Timber paling, Colorbond, Tubular fence or Picket fence, must have post depth at a minimum of 600mm below natural ground level to comply with Australian Standards.

Paling Fences can appear boring but they are inexpensive, effective and can be customised to suit.

Paling Fences can be made to look classier by having the posts exposed or simply by adding a capping on top.

Once the timber fence has thoroughly dried out, you could even paint it to increase its life span as well as enhancing the look.

Most common front fences are Merbau or Spotted Gum horizontal or vertical slats and the old favourite picket fence. Most of these fences are spaced apart with small gaps. It will let the light into the garden but still have privacy.

All of these front fences can be used as inserts in between brick pillars to give the house more classy and secure look.